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I finally seen a doctor I like 🙌🏻

It’s only taken me ten years but I finally had a gynaecologist agree to go ahead with a lap.

I went into the gynaecologist clinic yesterday and rather being stuck with the same doctor every time it’s luck of the draw and you could get any doctor within that clinic that day. I was so relieved when I seen the consultant rather than the registrar that had been so horrible last time. When he read through my history he wanted to just give me a couple different medications to try 🙄 luckily for once I stood my ground on the matter and told him “I’d rather get to the bottom of what it is and not just keep throwing medications at it that may or may not work” well he asked me what I wanted and when I said a lap he pulled the consent forms out and got the process rolling.

I am honestly so relieved that I am in the process to getting this sorted and dr says it’ll be a matter of weeks rather than months because waiting list is short at the minute. I have honestly never come away from an appointment so relieved

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That’s wonderful news. I’m so hoping you found a good consultant 😊

I don’t understand how drs can treat something when they don’t know what it is! Good for you for demanding a diagnosis 😊

You can only diagnose endometriosis via a laparoscopy.

All the best with your laparoscopy and if you have any questions about it feel free to ask- I’ve had two operative laparoscopys! xoxo


That’s great news and well done for sticking up for yourself :) xxxx


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