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Endo on the bowel


I have stage 4 endometriosis. Following the birth of my daughter last year my endometriosis symptoms have come back with vengeance. I have a consultant appointment coming up in June but in the mean time I’m really suffering and not sure what I can do to help myself. I feel like going to the GP is pointless as I know more about endometriosis than they do. Since the start of the year I’ve had so many issues with my bowel. The symptoms were only lasting for the duration of my period until my last period - it’s now been 17 days since my period ended and the symptoms are the same. I am suffering from pain in my pelvis, diarrhoea (explosive at times), sudden urgency in needing the toilet, cramping and most embarrassingly horrendous uncontrollable wind. It’s so debilitating. Any advise is welcome.

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