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Gynae appointment

I’ve just received my appointment letter to see a gynae again. I was discharged from my gynae in November after being diagnosed in September. He told me there’s nothing he can do apart from try the endo diet which I have and it hasn’t made a difference. My letter states that I’ll be seeing the same gynae or his registrar however I don’t want to be under him again. What should I do? I feel like he hardly told me anything, he cancelled appointments twice and cancelled my op, I just felt like he messed me around and also I don’t think he is an endo specialist.

Would I be able to ring the hospital and ask to be seen by someone else? Or will that sound cheeky?

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I wouldn’t say it was cheeky at all, you have to have trust in your surgeon, so if you don’t have that support/ relationship with them you are well within your right to ask to see someone else. I’m sure it happens quite a lot, so I wouldn’t worry, be cheeky 😋. I hope you get to see someone else who understands a bit more, I was fobbed off by doctors for years wish I had been a bit bolder and stood my ground. Good luck 😀

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I would request some one else you have to feel happy with whom you see and if they didn't help the first time there more than likely not going to do a better job the 2nd I really hope you get the help u need and deserve

Good luck xxxc

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Thanks for the replies, I’m going to ring and ask if I can be seen by a certain consultant who I know is a specialist and is supposed to be good. I’m not bothered if I have to wait longer to see him id rather wait for a while and know that my care will be good x


Some hospitals have a list of doctors working under them that you can look through and will also list their specialist subjects, it's worth finding out.

My health insurance company had a freedom of choice with consultants (you choose one you want to see) so their site had a way of searching, but I don't know how that works for NHS or others.


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