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Best Endo site around

Hello from California!

I have been a member and reading for many months now. This is my first post so I wanted to say thanks for all the ladies here sharing their journeys and being so on top of responding and sharing links and suggestions. Well done. This is the most resourceful, active, best Endo site around, imho.

You UK/Europe folk are definitely ahead of us in the medical care/field, especially in women's health. I was just talking with my Pelvic PT today about this, she absolutely agreed. It''s been a rough month, getting the runaround from doctors who don't seem to want to help or take me on and we lamented how ironic being Endometriosis Awareness Month.

I plan on sharing my saga, what's been helping and where I am at. I more just wanted to make my first post about being impressed with this site and all its knowledgeable, helpful members.

Cheers gals,


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Welcome, Ouchiegrouchie!

I totally agree, for a few years now this forum has been nothing but helpful, supportive, comforting, informative for me, and without it, I wouldn't necessarily have questioned & challenged my GP and really push for referrals. I'm so so glad I did, and I check in on it most days. I just think, even if I can help one lady with a piece of advice that worked/helped me, then I'm making a difference, and that's quite comforting!

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Thank you OuchieGrouchie! We are glad you find it helpful!

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