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Does this sound like endo symptoms

Hi ladies I’d like to know if anyone else suffers from these symptoms and whether or not I am ‘over reacting’ as the GP likes to put it with my pains.

I am starting to get concerned with the amount of medication I have been given over the course of the past year and also with the coil fitted 3 weeks ago I am still experiencing the EXACT same pains. 😫😢

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Hi Louise, sorry to hear your having a tough time of it. It’s very frustrating when your in pain and haven’t been Diagnosed. Have u been sent for any scans or anything? I started with problems in 2012 and only got diagnosed last year, I do have some of the symptoms on your list. They say endo is hard to diagnose. The gyno at the hospital is the best person to see if you can get a referral to them x


I had a ultrasound last year which they said they couldn’t find my right ovary, which concerned me. I’m not sure if they found it😂

I got referred to a gynaecologist and she had told me to get the coil which I have done- only recently I got the coil though. The last time I send the gynae was 7 months ago. X


If your GP says you’re overacting it’s time to get a new GP and lodge a formal complaint so that another poor person isn’t told they’re overreacting when they are in pain :/

I would push for a new GP, a new gynaecologist and a lap to see what’s actually going on. Throwing the coil at it is all Well and good (I mean that genuinely, I have the coil and love it) but you need to know what you’re trying to treat first.

My coil took 11 months to settle so you just need to try and hang in there. I’m sorry for you though it all sounds really rubbish :( please take no notice of your GP and find someone that will take you and your pain seriously! Xxx

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How would I go about pushing for a lap as I have a gynae appointment on Wednesday. Xxx


Hi Louise, I have endo and have lots of the symptoms you have mentioned including some of the more obscure ones such as lack of appetite and leg pain. Do you mind me asking if you have had scans for fibroids? Over the years I have undergone tests for various things such as anaemia, food intolerance, X-rays on joints, smears, STDs, IBS but my journey to endo diagnosis was a scan for fibroids which picked up something on my bladder. This was then looked at via laparoscopy and they found the endometriosis and adhesions.

Try keeping a pain diary (google has lots of templates and there’s one on the endo website) and after a couple of months take that back to the GP to help explain how you have been feeling. I added a column for what I’d been eating too in case I could establish why I had bowel problems.

Be persistent as you shouldn’t have to just put up with being in so much pain.

Good luck.

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I have had an ultrasound and they couldn’t find my right ovary but then never said whether or not they found it after the scan.

I have had no other scans otherwise

I don’t know how to push for further treatment as with me being 17 they think I can have anything wrong with me. I will defiantly make a diary on what I am eating and my pain etc.

Thank you so much for your reply xx

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Hey, I’ve just done the same thing on my page and have symptoms that match yours and an endo specialist thinks I have endo.

My gps and general gynaes kept refusing to do a lap as I’m apparently too young to have endo (I’m 18) But the specialist wants me to have one and referred me to a gynae he knows. I’m hoping they will all agree and do the surgery soon.

Gps are annoying haha and kept throwing contraceptive pills at me all last year even though I refused to take them due to bad side effects I had.

Just keep going back and pushing them. If you can afford it, I’d definitely recommend a private specialist as they can normally put you back into the nhs under their care and stuff xxx


Hey sweet, sorry that your having a rough time right now! Yep I suffer with those symptoms... there are a few things they can do through just to generally make your life a little easier. I suffer with migraines due to my hormones- my doctor has given me dissolvable tablets that you take as soon as the migraine hits, and it eases almost instantly. It’s a instant relief tablet. Also they could do with putting you on some good anti-sickness, I’m on cyclizine - they work a treat for me, as I suffer horribly with sickness. It will also help with you appetite. Hopefully that helps, and things start to look up for you sweet xxxxxxxx

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Thank you❤️ I was recommended the marina coil which I have had now for 3 weeks. I don’t see it helping me at the moment but only time will tell. No matter what I say to the Doctors it’s a lose lose situation no matter what.

Thank you for your reply xxxxx


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