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Fed up of having no energy

Hi all

Sorry but im going to have a little rant.

I am having a flare up been going on for two weeks it hasn't happened in a year thanks to the induced menopause. I have literally no energy ive been resting but still no energy.

I have been to the doctors who have done blood tests to check the usual. Red blood cell count, check if im anemic and my thyroid which we all know will come back clear. I have a doctors appointment later this week which i am hoping to get referred back to the gyneacologist.

In the mean time does anyone have any tips for getting a little bit of energy just to get through the day?

Thanks every one

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interested in replies to this. It's the fatigue that actually bothers me the most


Hey, this may not be helpful with advice but I know how you feel. Some days are worse than others where I feel so fatigue, I can’t do anything. But other days I’m okay just slightly tired.

Do you get enough sleep at night? And changing my diet helped a bit, I went gluten and dairy free.


Thank you for the reply. I have been sleeping pretty well at night and naps throughout the day. The tiredness has made me very emotional and i spent most of yesterday in tears.

I have a healthy diet completely gluten free and limited dairy as i dont like it.

The blood tests have come back clear as expected.

I have the drs tomorrow so ill keep you posted on how i get on.

Thank you again


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