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8 weeks post laparoscopy, weeping navel incision

Hi all,

It's been almost 8 weeks since I had a 13cm dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary through laparoscopy. The surgery was a success and my recovery was considerably easy.

A couple of weeks after the surgery when the surgical glue peeled off of my navel, I noticed that it started to weep.

My GP took a swab, gave me some antibiotics and told me I'll be okay after it's finished.

During my post OP appointment a week ago, my surgeon cleared me for all activities including swimming.

However, to this day, the navel incision still weeps clear fluid. I don't know what to do! The doctors tell me it's normal but I'm scare that I'll get it re-infected if I go swimming and I'm off on a holiday.

I do my best to keep it as dry as possible but if I'm off to an island holiday, this would be very difficult to do.

Please give me some advice....

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I had a lap on March the 7th and several days after mine got quite bad and (Sorry this is gross) smelly. Was given antibiotics. Mine has definitely cleared up loads but it still weeps slightly. I will get the doctor to check on wed as I have an app.

You might find a warm, sunny holiday might do it the world of good x


Hi Angelo,

My last op was 15 months ago now and my naivle is still not healed ... can u believe it ! It’s a joke how I have to keep going on about it and there half the medical professionals I’ve shown don’t seem to bothered👎🏻 I also had the glue this time

When I previously had stitches I was healed within 2 wks.


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