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Is it just me or does anyone else still suffer severe pain even though THEY are on treatment which has stopped their period?


I suffer pain daily but the medication I'm taking I've been on about 4 months now and is doing nothing for my pain in fact my pain is getting unbearable and no one is helping me the gps are not taking me seriously I can't cope with this anymore I just can't

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Big hug, have you altered your diet (no gluten or dairy), it really helped me xxx

I have the same chronical pain, after 2 surgeries in the past, the pain has come back so severe. Been in and out of hospital but they just for pain management. In 24hr time I get an episode of severe pain which last for hours despite taking all the pain killers. I cry, I feel sick, I moun.... I feel like this isn't my body anymore.

I wish there is anything I can do to stop this agony.

Dito. About 4-6 months after surgery constant chronic pain restarted. Right back to square one with pain killers and now been on contraception for 14 months. GP’s just want to fob you off. Keep nagging them they get fed up and do something productive or refer you to someone who can do something. I have found dairy makes a big difference to my pain levels but it is worth dabbling with the diet for a few weeks and see what foods affect you.

Feeling for you, I have days when I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall and other days I just want to sit in a corner and cry.

I could have written this exact post hun. I finally got diagnosed at 30 after suffering for 17 years. I already had the mirena coil in and a laparoscopy helped, but not entirely. About 18 months later, the pain was back with a vengence to the pain where I was seriously considering asking for a hysterectomy at the age of 32 and giving up any chance of having a baby (because apart from anything else, I couldn't look after myself with this pain, let alone a baby!). Then I found this paper on the use of Pine Bark Extract for reduction of pain in endometriosis: (also, see this website for a summary of the research:

I have been taking 100mg of pine bark extract since December and it has changed my life! It took about a month to work, but since then I have probably taken less than 5 doses of dihydrocodeine (which I was living on previously!). I also have recommended them to a friend who has had the same result. Please consider taking these, they are simply incredible. I don't know how long I can expect them to work for, but four months in they are still helping me and I will continue taking them for as long as they help!! xxx

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