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Hysterectomy and forced menopause

I saw the consultant today, he's the endo specialist at a cemig hospital and from what I can see one of the top surgeons in this field. I've been told that my endo is very severe and he measured 2 x 9cm patches on the rear of my uterus, a 6cm patch on one ovary and 3cm on the other and my bowel is fused. He wants to do a total hysterectomy and shave part of the bowel. Has anyone else had this? I'm ok with a hysterectomy, my family is complete but am worried about the menopause. Is it awful? Any advice xx

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Ive had this at the age of just turned 28. On hrt estrogen only pill. I am now 30 this year.

I dont find it bad at all. I had a trial run by being on prostap for 8 months before to see how i would react to menopausal symptoms.

The only thing ive found is im a bit more emotional than i used to be...but thats not necessarily a bad thing. And i find i can control it fairly easily if i logically think of why i feel the way i do at any point where i feel a bit overwhelmed. Its all to do with mindfulness...i dont mean the meditation kind...although im sure that helps aswell....i mean more that im aware of myself and so im aware of if im genuinely upset about something or if its just a hormonal thing 😆

Perhaps ask your consultant about prostap for a little while so you can better be prepared for some of the symptoms.

Good luck.

Heads up.

And if you want to talk about anything just let me know. X


Thanks that's reassuring. I'm going to be having surgery in the next few weeks so not sure how much time I'll have to prepare. I'm not a massively emotional person so that could be Interesting!


I wasnt a very emotional person either lol. I could easily get confused by others crying at a soppy movie. I have been able to control my emotions for many years using logic.

Its a slight change to have emotions reacting sometimes rather quickly without understanding why...but i can realise what is a genuine emotion and what is just my hormones....i have shed a rear for some adverts then laughed cos i realise how silly it is cos its just a cartoon lol.

Its not a bad side effect really and it has made me more approachable i think. Bwfore i could be seen as quite emotionless.

But never fear lol if you get weepy seek me out and we can laugh about it together.

Also if you need anyone to talk to about anything just drop me a note. I will always reply. X

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