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Laparoscopy question/help!

Hi all, I am new to this site but have found it very helpful. I am 38 years old with ongoing pelvic pain, bloating, back aches for many years likely in my 20s as well… I’ve had two ultrasounds that revealed polyps that were removed and to D&Cs over the past five years but did not seem to relieve the pain. My pain comes and goes and will be present for months and then absent for months. The pain returned a couple of weeks ago and I am scheduled for a laparoscopy To evaluate possible endometriosis..I have to say I am super frightened of the procedure especially as I have a three-year-old but I really do want to get answers. I guess my question is does anyone have experience with a similar situation and go for the laparoscopy? I guess I’m feeling that I would be really embarrassed if there’s nothing that showed up and it it was in fact something like an IBS but something is definitely not right with my body… Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Hi there, I've had 2 laps in the space of 8 weeks apart. I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in dec 2015 and my life has been taken over by it. I suffer with dysfunctional uterine bleeding and I have chronic pelvic pain. Don't fear the lap, it will be ok. You will be sore and you may have gas pain in your shoulder. Ensure you have adequate pain relief. Do u have someone who can help u at home? If not make sure everything at home u need in reach so u won't bending. Prop up your bed with plenty of pillows for support and comfort and even put a faux silk sheet down as it will help u manoeuvre yourself. Don't be worried whether they will or won't find anything as this is why they r doing the lap. Message me anytime xx


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