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Don’t know what to do

Hey everyone I’m really finding things hard right now I’ve been suffering with really bad stomach and back pain, I’m pretty sure it’s endometriosis I have a lot of the symptoms my period are mega heavy, I’ve had to stop intercourse with my parent due to pain and I keep going to Doctors and nothing is being done with it, I had a ultrasound and it came back clear and I honestly don’t know what else to do I’m struggling a lot and it seems to be getting worse they thought it was appendix then gallbladder just don’t know what to do I’m struggling to cope it’s affecting my relationship and my life I’m getting depressed 😌

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Ask to be referred to a gynaeologist. Keep a diary of all your pain, where on your body, what type of pain and where you are in your menstral cycle. Also note down any urinary or bowel changes as well. This will prove that your pain is cyclical and then when you see the gynaeologist they will have all the information they need to decide on the best treatment. In the mean time, as you could wait 6 months to see gyny, if you're not on the pill already consider going on progesterone only pill. This is all a GP can prescribe as well as additional pain relief. The progesterone pill should help reduce any further build up and help with your pain as it will reduce bleeding as well. I hope this was helpful. Please don't give up. One thing you will have to get used to is fighting to get treament or even your voice heard. Just trust that you know your body best and keep asking for a referal. All the best, I hope you get the right treatment soon, take care x


Thankyou it’s very draining and I’m finding it hard to cope they make me feel as thought it’s all in my head I cry with pain and nothing helps I’ll go back and speak again thankyou


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