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Returning endo

I know it seems like im always posting on here I just have a lot of questions and have not had answers from any doctor. And I get the impression my gynaecologist believes a hysterectomy will fix everything. I have been lucky enough not to suffer anywhere near as long as I’d thought b4 being diagnosed. I can decide on when I have my op if I wish and of course if I pay for it. As public health system still hasn’t even recognised me. I havnt made the decision on wether I do this op as it is going to be freakn expensive. My pain is not as bad as I have read in many cases I seem to have different symptoms at different times. Pain then fatigue then I’m good then it goes round. The depression is the worst lately. I guess what I’m wanting to know more than anything is just because I have the op does not at all say I will not have to have several more in the future I mean this isn’t a one op fix is it?

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Hysterectomy isn't a cure for endo but may help adeno symptoms if you have endo in the lining of your womb.

Is excision with no hysterectomy an option?

Recurrence rates vary a lot depending on your severity, type and other risk factors but better than I thought when I read this research review.


Hysterectomy is a life changing operation. It induces surgical menopause, also carries risks and side effects of its own and is irreversible.

If you are in any way not comfortable with it then don't proceed and do more thinking until you are clear in your mind what path is right for you xx




Sometimes surgery can leave you worse off. I was bad before surgery but even worse afterwards. If you can hold off any surgery and use conservative treatment, i would do that. Try the pill back to back or the coil or whatever suits you!

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