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Hospital appointment today and have been referred for 2nd laparoscopy!

So I finally had my NHS appointment with endometriosis gynaecologist today. He has advised a second laparoscopy as I’m still suffering so much.

In my first op, my endo was only cauterised.

I found out today that was only because a normal gynaecologist operated on me and not an endometriosis gynaecologist. So this time, it will be cut out? Doesn’t seem right to me, what a waste of time!!!

Anyway, the NHS are are saying about a three months wait. I really don’t know whether to bite the bullet and go private, but I’m not sure now how to transfer the hospital referral to my private hospital?

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I’m sorry your pain and symptoms are back. Sorry you’ve got a bit of a wait- you could ask to be put a cancellation list for a quicker date? It might not be that long - I was told mine would be July but had my first one in June.

I’m also having my second laparoscopy this Friday as my symptoms and pain have returned.

My GP has prescribed stronger painkillers and medication to help with my periods- your GP should be able to manage your symptoms to at least make you a bit more comfortable.

Hopefully one of ladies will be able to advise on going private. xoxo

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Which painkillers have you been prescribed? I’ve never been offered any additional pain meds, my GP said just to take paracetamols and anti inflammatorys.

Good luck for Fridays op!! X

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Thank you.

I’m on co-codamol 32/500 , ibrofen on bad days. I’m also on transexamic acid to reduce period flow. Also I’m on ferrous sulphate as my iron is low- definitely get yours checked if you suffer heavy periods. xoxo

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Will do, thanks :) x


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