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2 x 3hour surgery

Hi everyone,

After an ultrasound and an MRI, the doctors told me that not only do i have Endo, but it looks quite severe. I have 2 endometriomas, a bit plaque of endo that goes from my pouch of douglas down to my rectum. It is on my rectum too. My ovaries are being pulled down into the POD by the plaque and my uterus and bowel and being pulled together by it too.

After a group sit down between different specialists, i have been told that they will need to 2 x 3 hours surgeries. The first one is for the endometriomas and plaque in the POD and the second is for the endo on the rectum.

Has anyone else had a similar experience to me?

Just wanting to know what to expect.



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Hi I had very similar to this but had it all done at a BSGE centre in one operation. I was in there about 4.5 hours. I had this done end of last year so still pretty new to all this as didn't know I had endo before if you think of any questions I may be able to answer please just ask x

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Thanks so much for replying to me! May I ask how old you are and how long you took to recover? How are you feeling now? Do you know what your chances are of having a baby now?

I know everyone is different, but definitely nice to hear from people in a similar situation.

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Hi no problem. I'm 37. Recovery for me was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I took 4 weeks off after but prob could of got away with 3 😉

Internally I think it takes longer to heal as I still get a twinge now and the if I over do it but nothing that stops me doing normal stuff.

I feel ok but my periods are all over the place and seem to have some form of bleeding every other week at the moment. My actual period is very very heavy and it wasn't like this before... which is getting me down. However they assure me it will settle in time and I can't have any hormone treatment so my body is prob trying to find it's natural cycle since.

Baby chances..... who knows they initially said after the op the best chances would be in the first 3 months but that has been and gone. I'm not sure it will happen for us but am very lucky to have a 6 year old already, just feel a bit guilty he won't have a sibling xx


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