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Nerves kicking in

Hi starting to get so nervous, my surgery is on Thursday, the past 6 weeks have flew in so quickly, I'm having a hysterectomy done (but keeping ovaries) through keyhole and I'm having a laparotomy done to unstuck my bladder from my stomach wall aswell as having stage 4 endo and severe adhesions removed, my nerves have kicked right in, I stay about 2.5 hours away from Edinburgh hospital so were staying at a hotel the night b4 as I have to be there for 7am, anyone got any tips on how I can relax myself b4 I make myself ill! Thanx x

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Have a ‘luxury bath’, find some box sets on Netflix you can binge to distract yourself, breathe and keep breathing it doesn’t hurt to keep your breathing regular and steady, assuming you’re going with your partner or even a friend, why don’t you make the Edinburgh trip a thing, go for a meal, cinema or what not, distract yourselves with by spending time together the evening before, there’s no sure fire way to keep you distracted but just keep busy, do whatever you can, hope it all goes smoothly!! And remember, breathe to get those happy hormones flowing!! X

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Just go and do something normal that you enjoy. Deep breathing and thinking of all your best memories. Talk about all the crazy things you did or happened to you in life. Just concentrate on the positive. All the best. Hugs.


Perhaps you could try Rescue remedy?It calms you down a bit you get it in Holland and Barrett or boots..Spray on your tongue.put it this way relative been teaching me to drive and gets anxious and not the the most calm and I said take a few sprays of this lol.I could not believe it was the quietest drive Brill lol.They have offers on in H&B.II had open hyserectomy and laparoscopy later on few yrs cuz they didn't want to take ovaries then to young,Then they were all stuck together..Try not to think to much about it until the day because you will scare yourself more I know its hard not to.But I promise you will be fine!😚


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