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Reflexology and Pain Improvement

Hi Guys. Just wanted to give some feedback on my recent experience with managing my Endo pain. I was diagnosed in Oct and Lap found endo deep in my pelvis and over ligaments. Since op I’ve really struggled with daily pain which is something I didn’t get before.

3 weeks ago, I started going to reflexology. I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN! At first I was a little weary and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t tell my therapist much about why I was going as I wanted to see what she could feel. She immediately noticed the swell around my ankles (hips), a lump on my inner foot near my heal (ovary/uterus area) and a knot like ball on my lower back. Exactly where all my problem areas are. I then told her about the condition and she has been amazing and done a lot of research.

Although it’s only been 3 weeks, I have seen such an improvement and I’ve had my first pin free says since October which is amazing.

I highly recommend wveryone to give it a go, it may not help everyone but hopefully some of you can see an improvement like I have.


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