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Beginning journey to diagnose endometriosis

I have suffered from random pain in my lower left pelvis. It feels like something ripping inside of me. It can start of dull and get worse throughout the day. Some times it has gotten so bad that I have had to get an ambulance out because I can't move from the pain. I went to A&E last night who just told me I had IBS and need to take buscopan. I have been referred for colonoscopy and an ultrasound but none of these will show if I have endometriosis. I am on the implant in my arm for contraception so I do not have regular periods. Has anyone got any advice or tips. Could I have endometriosis or could it just be IBS.

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I am coming to the end of my diagnosis journey and have have blood tests, scans, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy and an MRI, now booked in for a lap in May.

My gastroenterologist who on my first consult said it sounds like endo but ordered all colonoscopy etc said it’s a process of elimination and that digestive/bowel issues go hand in hand with endo. On my third consultation with him after tests being clear he said my IBS is a symptom of my endometriosis and the cause of it. I know the tests are frustrating and it feels like you’re getting nowhere but just remember endo is hard to find and the more things they rule out the more it points in that direction. My journey has lasted almost 18 months so it can be slow. My pain is lower left sided too and my GP said that location is usually bowel related so may be why they go down that route first. Good luck with everything and remember you aren’t alone in this x


I had similar symptoms for years, lower left abdominal pain, radiating to my left glute and sometimes involving the left groin area. My sigmoid colon would flare up and I would end up at the emergency room on numerous occasions. I had numerous CT scans which most times showed nothing. I would often be diagnosed with Divirticulitis even though I did not really meet all of the criteria for this condition other than lower left abdominal pain. I even had numerous colonoscopies which were all normal. I had a complete hysterectomy recently for adenomyosis which showed endometriosis in the rectovaginal and cul de sac area which is exactly where my sigmoid colon is located. The endo found in these two locations is what has been causing all of my bowel symptoms all these years. You need to see an endo specialist and have a lap done to confirm the presence of endo. The endo will not show up on any imaging unfortunately. Good luck.


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