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My Endo is ruining my love life

Hi Everyone,

I’m 21 years old & this is my nightmare.

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and fibroids last year November (Days before my birthday). It was the worst birthday news I could ever ask for. Whenever I’m on my period, I struggle to eat, drink & sleep. It’s taking over my love life so much that I have sudden outbursts and mood swings which pushes my partner away. He doesn’t know the full extent of my health issues because I’m scared he’ll leave me. I’m scared he’ll feel sorry for me. I’m scared he’ll look at me different.

Previous to this diagnosis, I had severe aplastic anaemia 7 years ago which has drastically changed my whole life. Having chemo has shortened my fertility. And I recently found out my egg level has dropped drastically.

I’m young but my life is gone. As I’m writing this I’m bawling my eyes out searching for answers. I can’t even finish what I want to say. I’ve accepted having endometriosis but how do I live with it? Because I’m struggling so much that ...

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You need to talk to your partner. Endo is going to be around for long while and you can't do it alone.


Yeah your right

Thank you x


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