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Rapid weight loss with endo?

Hi all, hope you’re well. Just wondering if anyone else has had weight loss with endo? I’m currently awaiting a diagnostic laparoscopy, so I’m not sure if I have endo yet. However, it’s expected that I do. Back in October, I had my first terrible flare up (hospitalised) and lost 9kg from not eating properly. I’m having a flare up again and look like I’m losing weight rapidly. I’ve been eating pretty well up until the last 2 days which is worrying. I’ve gone from a size 10 last summer to a size 6 now. Is this normal?

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I've gone from a size 14/12- 8 in just over a year I spoke to my endo specialist about it he said it wasnt normal to lose that much 😮 It depends what other symptoms you have as well 🤔 I get upper adominal pain fullness and nausea after eating a little and I get painful constipation so I'm seeing a gastro expert as well as endo expert 😮


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