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Pill for 3 months or not?

Hi ladies.

I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis via a lap and treated it. Doctor said it wasn’t too bad, my tubes were fine my right ovary had endo and bowel was adhered to the ovary.

I want to have a baby and we had tried for a few months (had an unplanned missed miscarriage last year) but my partner is currently finishing a post grad degree and wants to wait to try again until July. I am 34 now he is 30 so I can understand him waiting until absolutely ready and I don’t want to false him to do something he doesn’t want even though i’m Concerned about my age affecting fertility and now endometriosis on top.

My question is should I take the pill to help prevent endo growth in the meantime or not? I have been off the pill for 3 years.

Any thoughts welcome please?

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My specialist prescribed me zoladex to prevent endo growth whilst I wait for my op. After reading the side effects I was completely put off this so my GP suggested taking the pill back to back for 3 months at a time.

This has been working quite well for me apart from the break after every 3 packs.

I think the pill does suppress the growth but not stop it like zoladex does.


Thank you. This is helpful. I given I do my have severe endo I think i’m Inclined not to take anything for next 3 months and hope that it’s ok. I have long cycles anyway so will only have 3 periods in 4 months


There has been research to show that the pill if taken long term does affect fertility: it can take a while for the body to have cycles producing an egg, I think this varies from pill to pill so it could affect your cycles when you come off / it could not.

The pill wont prevent growth, it may stop / slow it down for a while, however when you come off it, it could be as bad as before or worse, there's no way of knowing.

Are you sure it's you that's having the fertility problems; it's found that due to the amount of synthesized look alike female hormones in everyday household things (plastics) that men have more infertility issues than women...just a thought.

I hope whatever you decide that it works for you xx


If your doctor said the endo was not really bad then you may be okay staying off the pill as far as it not coming back quickly. There are ovulation pills that prevent growths such as endo but have some annoying side effects. I wouldn't use it if I only had mild endo.

As far as waiting... At 34 I wouldn't. You've already been trying 3 years and 35 is where fertility really declines. Even ivf doesn't work as well 35 and older. Not trying to scare you, but just being honest.

I was able to get pregnant with severe endo at 32, but I had ivf and went 6 years ttc.


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