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Return to work anxiety


2 weeks ago I was given the decapeptyl injection after months of severe pain. I have been off work since and have not been well at all during those 2 weeks with pain, exhaustion, sickness and heavy bleeding.

I don't feel ready to go back to work yet but can't afford any more time off. I feel really anxious about going back and how my work will react during return to work interviews.

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks X

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First of all I hope you're ok? It sounds like the last two weeks have been really tough. I can totally relate to having anxiety, one trigger of mine is related to a fear of being in pain at work that causes me to collapse, cry etc. My work have given me access to the first aid room that has a bed and it's own loo and locks from the inside. So if I feel unwell at work I have somewhere I can go.

If you know what's causing the anxiety your employer might be able to make certain adjustments to support you. This could be a phased return to work where you work reduced hours for a period of time.

If you really don't feel well enough to go back to work it would be best to stay signed off for a little longer. These are all things you'll need to weigh up, you know how you feel better than anyone.

Good luck xx


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