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Pre Op Assessment

Hi ,

I am due to have my 2nd laparoscopy and had my pre op assessment 7 weeks ago but still dont have a date for surgery. Ive heard that the pre op assessment lasts for 12 weeks.

I have called the hospital only to be passed to different departments and when i was passed to the right one no one answers . I have left messages but have had no luck .

Is it normal to wait this long ?


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Pre ops cover you for up to 6 months. x


I got my Pre-Op and Op date in the some letter with one two weeks apart from each other but this is for my first Laparoscopy.

I’d just keep trying do you know who your consult is for your second lap ? If so trying calling her secretary


I got my date during my pre op assessment, she gave me a choice of 2 dates and said I could pick the most suitable for me. I picked a date which is in 11 weeks time so I guess the time between pre op and op can be a bit of a stretch. Can understand your frustration at not yet having received a date 7 weeks later though x


I had my pre op assessment in jan. Hospital told me to wait one week for all my results to come back and then they advised to call admissions rather than wait for my letter. I managed to talk to someone after leaving a few messages and got my date booked in - op is actually tomorrow.

They told me the pre op assessment lasted 3 months.

Keep calling them - you just have to be annoying. Good luck! X


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