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Pain in the morning?

Heya I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same sort of pain/discomfort below as me! My endo is suspected to of come back because of a recent scan and some symptoms I have been having, and I am having a laparoscopy end of the month to confirm (mri was clear though), it is just a weird discomfort I didn't have before I last had an op so wanted to see if anyone else has had similar. In the last year I have been waking up with a pain in my left loin that radiates down the front of me on the left side, and now it has moved to my lower back/front pelvis. The best way to describe it is like a deep soreness and stiffness and like those areas can't bend, so much so I have to move onto my sides to get back to sleep and ease it, which is unusual as I have slept on my back for years and usually can't sleep any other way. When I turn on my side I sometimes get cramps on top of it too so I end up just getting up even if it is ridiculously early. It also makes me feel really sick and I feel like I need to go to the loo at least 1 way to relieve it although I have had no urine infection and my bowel is fine as I've had a clear sigmoidoscopy. Sometimes painkillers and a hot water bottle helps too but only getting up really helps, which can be tiring as I have to get up early and I feel like I've ran a marathon before even getting up. It is also pretty much every morning not worse a certain time of month and it doesn't correspond with working out x

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