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Faint/dizzy with PMS & period


Hi All,

does anyone else suffer from feeling faint and dizzy (feeling very weak and lack of energy in general) with PMS (2 weeks before period) and the first couple of days of period?

And if you do, do you have any remedy to suggest?! I tried everything. Nothing helps! I’m so fed up and desperate.

Thanks! x

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Hi Regina, I would say to get your iron and heamoglobin checked. I used to have that a lot, but since I have been having iron tablets along with stool softener, I almost stopped having dizziness.

regina79 in reply to Dakrav

Thanks very much for your reply Dakrav. I did check my iron levels but there is nothing there. :( The problem is that this faintness/dizziness feeling only comes before and during my period, so I think that when they take my blood tests in normal weeks when I don't have PMS or period, the levels are FINE! :( But yeah, I started taking Iron last night actually. The problem is that my colon is so sensitive and even if I eat a lot of fibres, when taking Iron it's just not good enough. But I'll see how I go. Thanks again xx

Dakrav in reply to regina79

If you ever need to take Iron take it with a stool softener. It will be so much better

regina79 in reply to Dakrav

What do you use as stool softener...? I use Fybogel. But also eat cereals with flaxseeds etc in the morning.

It’s gel capsules that’s available here in USA over the counter. So I make sure I have that with the iron tablets. That way I don’t suffer constipation. I learnt the hard way though. I had a surgery for fissures because of iron intake. After this I never suffered🤪

regina79 in reply to Dakrav

Oh dear :( so sorry to hear that! I felt in that sort of 'danger zone' a few times.. it's not pleasant. Yes, I have Fybogel which is very similar perhaps and you dissolve it in water. I also bought these cubes of fibres today..

Thanks so much for being so kind and helpful. x

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