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Just diagnosed and a bit scared

I had my first lap last week to check for endometriosis after coming off the pill 2 years ago and since then experiencing some pain during sex and also some very sharp shooting pains on first two days of period and when having bowel movements when on my period (although that has always existed I’ve just ignored it until a friend told me I shouldn’t be doubled over in pain!).

The doctor found endometriosis on both ovaries and adhesions between bowel and uterus - she checked my tubes and said these were ok. She also mentioned something about folds which she wasn’t able to treat.

I have been TTC for 3 months following a miscarriage last year.

I’m in a bit of shock as hadn’t expected them to find anything and i’m so upset as desperately want a baby. i’m not sure what options I have to help get pregnant, i’m 34 now so scared i’ve Left it too late.

I have also suffered from reoccurring UTIs since the age of 15 and they have had huge effect on my life and I wondered if anyone knew if endo could potentially be the cause of this? I had so many investigations and never been able to get to the bottom of it.

Thank you

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Hey :)

Sorry I may have got this wrong but it sounds like you had a lap last week and since then you are experiencing shooting pains during sex? After all my laps all my consultants have said no sex for around 6 weeks so 🙈 would maybe consider that?

Have you ever heard of interstitial cystitis? If not it’s worth a google. It’s basically chronic cystits that can flare and ease without any bacteria present and it may ring true to some of what you’re experiencing.

First period after a lap is has always been incredible painful for me and quite a lot heavier. I think that’s quite standard for many of us after laps. I have a lot of endo on the bowel too and experience pain with bowel movements. Also what I can only describe as a ‘shooty bum pain’ which lasts seconds but completely takes your breath away.

I haven’t got any helpful advice about TTC, sorry :( but I’m hoping some of the lovely people on here can help you with that. Xxxx


lol..bless...i think she means that shes had pain after sex and shopting pains after coming off the pill 2 years ago...only to discover afyrr the lap that the cause of it was endo


Yes that’s right YellowMad. The pains are what caused me to be investigated for endometriosis. Definately not tried sex since having the lap on Friday - walking to the shop round the corner resulted in me falling asleep for 3 hours afterwards yesterday - so sex is off the agenda for a bit!

Catness I have looked at interstitial cystitis but there does seem to be bacteria present when I have an infection and antibiotics helps it so we have ruled it out. But yet the doctors still can’t give me an explaination as to the cause and how to stop it.


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