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Period Pain

Best ways to stop period pain? Just came off the pill and my first period is ridiculously heavy, and I have to go back to work tomorrow after a week off. I can't take anything too strong as I work with kids but can't deal with this pain, any suggestions?

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Sorry you’re in pain.

I have had 4 days of crippling period pain.

I have got my GP to prescribe co-codamol 30/500 I take this whilst working I also work with children. I also take ibrofen with it.

I take tramadol for evenings if co-codamol isn’t helping the pain.

My GP also prescribes transexsmic acid to reduce period flow. This has really helped.

I also had my iron checked because I was so tired due to periods and it was low so much so I take 3 ferrous sulphate a day. Do make sure your iron is checked whilst your periods are heavy.

I hope your periods ease up soon xoxo

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I think the gynaeo was reluctant to prescribe me anything because she's sure that every new pill she gives me will stop my periods and it never does, I'm just tired of having to dose up on paracetamol and ibuprofen and feel like rubbish all day, and now I'm off the pill they're so much worse than they were on it!


Tens machine can clip on to your waistband (or tuck into your cleavage if you’re wearing a dress!), I work with children and use one.

Also the anti inflammatories as mentioned above might be worth considering as they don’t give any “stoned” side effects, but aren’t any good for sensitive stomachs

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