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Periods after surgery?

Hi ladies!

So if any of you recognise my name, you may remember my story. If not feel free to read my posts.

A brief history, I had excision surgery by a registered BSGE team in December, they removed x2 endometriomas, and excised all of my Endo which was everywhere. I am Stage 4.

I started my period 2 days before my operation and was still on during my recovery from the surgery so I'm not classing that as my first period.

On Thursday night I started what I would class as my first period since surgery!

This morning I have woken up covered in blood and clots and made a right mess in my bed and along the way to the bathroom.

My first thought was FFS it's exactly the same as it's always been, why hasn't the surgery worked, is this really how my periods will forever be?!!

I'm now laid in bed with my heat pad, rolling around with pain coming from my right side.

My left ovary was the troublesome one and had most of the work done to it removing the larger endometrioma etc.

Is this why I'm now feeling right sided pain? Because my right one is working and my left one isn't? My consultant did say, my left one was quite damaged and might not recover.

Or is this now things growing on my right side? The pain feels exactly the same as my Endo pain just not as severe... yet! 😢

I'm so worried that everything is returning.

I hope this is just because it's my first period since surgery, and obviously everything was pretty gruesome inside afterwards, things will be messy for a while.

I've cancelled the weekends activities as I'm leaking everywhere and there is no way I can leave the house.

I know there is no magic wand for curing Endo and I know he said it does return, I just really got used to having I guess a normal life for a month or two and now I'm worried that although he's removed the endometriomas and excised the Endo, it's all still going to be the same in regards to my pains and ridiculously heavy periods 😭😭

How was your first period after excision surgery?

Please do tell me if I'm over reacting / worrying.

Thanks and much love ❤️

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Hi Kat i had similar surgery to u in Nov and was on during my op too. My 1st period end on Nov was ok... end of Dec heavy but ok and done in a couple of days.... however Jan ... flooding and now Feb is flooding but for like 2 hours then stops for a day or so then flooding again. It's doing my head in tbh as my periods were better before the surgery so not sure. Sorry I don't have an answer but your not alone 🙈

Hope yours settle as they always say the first couple can be bad... I was lead into a false sense of security as mine are going the other way. Xx

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Hi lovely,

Thanks for replying.

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with your periods too! It's awful isn't it.

I've been in pain all day, it's all the opposite side to where it was prior to surgery 😢😰

My consultant did mention that I could have phantom pains but this doesn't feel phantom, it bloody hurts.

My period is flooding, I've honestly got puddles of blood on my towels when I change!

I'm so fed up 😢😭

I just hope this is a normal first period after my surgery until everything settles and starts working again.

But I assumed because he got rid of my Endo and everything else that my periods would now be lighter for the first time in my life and pain free.

Did I expect too much? 😬😔

I hope you get to the bottom of your period problems too!

Sending lots of love xxx


Ah bless you... i think it's hormones all needing to settle. If it doesn't you should def get back in touch with the consultant to ask the question.

Hope you feel better soon xx


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