been refered at last

hi all yes been refered yes but just want to ask i have been having night swets and i am either constapated or loos i am very tender at both sides of my stomack and some times all over tummy it herts some times when i open my bowels and when i have a wee some time i feel i need to go but not a lot comes out but it feel like it is stining and back pain and feels like back is on fire befor my piried i go of food and have lost some wait just wondering if any one is like this and where there had endo and if any one had a histarectomy i am 39 and got kids so just wondered would this be the best thing can any one give me advice please i also some times feel full and have not ate much to what i did

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  • Hi Debbie

    Have you been screened for adenomyosis? Your symptoms sound very like those of the condition. Please take a look at the website and feel free to visit the Facebook and Twitter pages

    x Danielle x


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