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Post op bladder pain?! Please help!

Hi, I had excision of severe endometriosis last Wednesday (4 hour op at BSGE centre). I had a catheter in whilst I stayed in hospital overnight. Since Sunday, I've been feeling feverish and dizzy and when I go for a wee,my whole insides feel as tho they're being squeezed and are about to fall out. Doc gave me antibiotics for a water infection but they've just said that my wee sample came back clear/no abnormalities.

Please help - is this normal? Has the op damaged my insides?

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I think if your infection symptoms are still worsening maybe you should call the hospital or 111 to be on the safe side and get proper medical advice?


Hello darling, I had exactly the same symptoms do not worry too much after surgery your bladder has been battered so it’s perfectly normal to have uti and pain symptoms I also had a clear urine sample I was terrified that it was permanent pain after surgery but within 5 months my bladder is back to its original self 😊😊 don’t worry too much try to relax don’t overload your bladder with liquids , like I cut down my water intake from 1.5 litre to 1 litre a day because the more I went to the toilet the more my pain would increase xxxxx


I had this for the first night after my.op and it was horrific, literally wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I found ibuprofen and some gentle yoga poses like the cow and cat ones helped ease the pain and shift the pressure on it because I couldn't move,, sit stand or lie I was in so much pain with it. That pain stopped after a few days bur was still having trouble weeing a month later, was told it could take eight to ten weeks to get better x


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