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Endometriosis diagnosis

I was taken to hosp in tues with abdominal pains I’ve been suffering since Oct but no doctor seemed to know what it was and how they could help.it made me feel like I was imagining these pains and symptoms.

Finally yesterday after two days off hosp s gynaecologist told me it’s endometriosis andvpriscribed didferet meds and gave advise.im hoping to go back to work next week just hope the pain lessens and I feel better.how do others manage with full time work and lots of pain x

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Hi Kell

Sounds like you're having as much of a rough time of it, as I have.

I'm currently off sick. I had to speak to occupational health about my situation and ironically at the time, I wasn't in any pain! They advised that I make a record of when I am in pain and to take my recently prescribed Naproxen to assess it's effects until I see a gyneacholigist.

So far, the pain is manageable. And it's my 'time of the month'. I've also been taking Turmeric supplements and I'm pretty certain that they help a lot.

Thing is, I can't afford anymore time off work. I can totally relate to your situation.

I hope you get this sorted soon. X


Glad you got diagnosed, that’s something at least. I was in hospital with the pain I was in for it too at the beginning of January. Paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine (together) just didn’t do the trick. The hospital gave me morphine, which helped of course, but completely unsustainable! Can’t be having that daily!! I am waiting on a referral back to my consultant as this is second time round endo for me. In the meantime, this site has been so useful. So to keep pain at bay, I am doing yoga to ease muscle tension (from anxiety around the pain); have started a course of acupuncture (to help unlock energy flow, blood flow, and blockages); have bought some raspberry leaf tea to help with cramps; also read an article saying to cut fat, caffeine, and alcohol, which can thwart the body's estrogen-releasing mechanism meaning it can stay stuck in your body longer. I’ll try anything to stop the pain!


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