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Advice Ladies. Feeling concerned x


So I finished zoladex in July after a 18 mth course. I then went on the pill back to back with no break. No periods at all which was the idea.

Over Christmas I started feeling unwell lower abdo pain, nausea, back pain, discomfort in the vagina, burning when urinating.

I thought it may be a uti as I’m a regular sufferer but urine analysis normal.

I have now been feeling exhausted to the point I have a shower then I’m ready for bed. I have also been getting some watery discharge.

I went to see a lady Dr who took some swabs and said that I was red raw internally but could also see a white coating likely thrush.

Swabs have come back normal for bacterial infections which the Dr was surprised at so I had the swabs repeated and normal again.

I had a 4 day bleed after the last swab and I’m still getting all the symptoms as well as major bloating and heaviness. I look 6 months pregnant.

Do I presume it’s the endo suddenly appeared or could it be something else. It’s seems odd how the symptoms have appeared xxx

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