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Strange symptom or new issue?

Hey all,

So in the past few weeks I've been having this strange feeling that I can only describe as *TMI* the feeling when you sneeze and can feel blood rushing out when on your period *TMI* or like something is pushing down inside me and like I'm 'leaking'. However, it's at random points in the day and becoming more frequent and is not when I sneeze. Also, I'm currently taking a contraceptive pill that stops all my periods so I'm not bleeding with it?

To me if feels like what I imagine a contraction would be like - painful, sharp twinge pain, lasting a few seconds - but accompanied with this rushing feeling as if something is coming out of me but without any form of discharge.

I really need some advice on what it could be as I keep rushing to the bathroom at work, thinking I may be bleeding but I am not and I'm wondering why I've developed this additional pain/weird feeling/symptom. I'm on the waiting list for my laparoscopy because I haven't had an endometriosis diagnosis yet (although I've been told it's highly likely due to how long I've been back and forth doctors)

Please can someone give me some help?

Thanks a million.

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Hi hun. I have my lap next week. So not diagnosed yet.

I do get sort of the same thing as you I get a horrid sharp pain that last a few seconds but I feel like my womb is going to fall out !!! I often feel like I am leaking something then I look and nothing is there .


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Yes that's exactly how I feel!

Good luck with your lap :)


Thanks and good luck to xx


Hi. I can relate to that pain. I feel it most of the time- the fullness feeling at the bottom of my stomach and heaviness in my bottom like it's falling out!

I'm also getting pulling pain in my left leg and shoulder blades! Pretty miserable and distressing!

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