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Can having a baby help Endometriosis?


Hi Everyone. I know that all our symptoms are different but has anyone fallen pregnant and noticed that after the pregnancy the Endometriosis isn't as bad during your monthly cycle? Myself and my partner are considering trying for a baby sooner rather than later (especially if it can help control the Endometriosis). Thank you x

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In my experience the pain got bad once I stopped breast feeding. I was relieved from pain for 2 years. Then it came back worse but I also put that down to my tubes getting damaged during the c section. Wish you luck with your ttc journey 💗🤗😘

Thank you for your reply. It's a hard decision on what to do. We're due to get married next year but I don't know if I can do another year of the painful monthly cycle 🤔 xx

You could try and go on the pill just to keep the pain under control and potentially limit endo developing. 💗🤗😘

My endometriosis symptoms disappeared during my pregnancy but unfortunately came back with a vengeance straight after. I was not able to breastfeed due to medication I needed so im not sure if breastfeeding would have delayed the return of symptoms like allweneedislove.

Lucyanne_93 in reply to Hazel173

I was really hoping that pregnancy would be the answer. Awful way to think (i want children regardless) but i'm sure it has crossed all sufferers minds whether pregnancy would help during and after.

RI would point out that endo can cause complications with fertility so it might be beneficial to start trying sooner rather than later anyway. And I suppose in the long run then completing your family you get means you might consider a hysterectomy younger too, which often solves endometriosis for people.

Due to my heart condition I can't take the pill or any form of contraception apart from condoms so i'm really limited to options. I currently take Mefenamic Acid but the older i'm getting the less effective it seems to be 😣 X

It sounds like it's pot luck hun some people are pain free some are not. If I was you I'd start trying now I know your getting married next year so you may want to put it on hold it's just so hard to know what to do with endo do you wait and hope it doesn't affect your fertility or do you try and hope it happens soon ultimately the decision is yours , hope whatever you decide everything works out 💗🤗😘

Thanks hun 😘 fingers crossed!

NH88 in reply to Lucyanne_93

I was taking mefanamic acid and transmatic helped a small amount but then my body got used to it 😐

If you have endo it can be difficult to get pregnant (although my sisters didnt have this issue but have it....the oldest had the worst case her consultant ever had on his files.)

Always let your midwife is supposed to be monitored as there is some research stating endo can cause problems with carrying aswell.

Btw having 2 kids did NOT help my oldest sister.

My youngest is suffering more after.

I never had children and have had hysterectomy so i cant help you on that one.

Good luck with conceiving though...let us know how it goes xxx

I had two and breastfed right up to the second pregnancy and then for a year with my second one and apparently my end is gone completely. I extremely rarely have pain. So 4 years being pregnant/breastfeeding. During my first pregnancy I was in agony. Everyone is different but that's my experience.

Bdgjdjd in reply to endopains

Did you have chocolate cysts or endo didn’t affect your ovaries?

endopains in reply to Bdgjdjd

I have had quite a few huge cysts I've had to have removed and I had endo absolutely everywhere. It was very fast growing and I couldn't walk between surgeries.

I was young when all this happened so that was very much on my side. My youngest is 3 now so I've had 2 years so far not breastfeeding and touch wood minimal pain.

Bdgjdjd in reply to endopains

What kinds of cysts you had ?

Hi with my first 2 pregnancies my endo got so much better only needed pain relief when I was on a period but my 3rd pregnancy 2 years ago flared everything up from the day my son was born till today I have been in excruciating pain daily and now I'm awaiting date for a hysterectomy, a pregnancy can help but it can also make it worse xx

Hi, my cousin is now 38 and has had 3 children, breastfeeding them all for at least 6 months. She has 'severe' endo especially around her bowels/rectum etc. She found that her options were to either have another baby or have major surgery, possibly a hysterectomy. She has severe endo and finds that with each baby, plus breastfeeding it gives her around 3/4 years relief before the pain gets back to the stage it was at before. This is due to the lack of hormones produced during that time, obviously once pregnant you are not having a monthly cycle so this gives your body a break from the endo growing, same when breastfeeding. After your body has had a 'break' from it for 9months+ it obviously takes some time for it to all become active again and build back up to such a bad state. This info may not be 100% correct but is what was described to her by an endo specialist and has worked well for her. However, I do know one other lady with endo who says after having a baby her endo is horrendous :/ I suppose like everything else, it's different for everybody unfortunately! Good luck xxx

Lucyanne_93 in reply to HevsLM

Hi HevsLM. Thank you for your message from all of the responses that I have had from my question it does seem that trying sooner rather than later is better for Endo. I think regardless if you have Endo there is no getting away from it. It will either calm down or come back more severe. Thank you everyone for your help. Xx

Hi, I had severe endo, and we decided to start our family sooner rather than later. We were worried about possible fertility problems and couldn’t carry on as I was for much longer, so long term plan is a hysterectomy. We both definitely wanted children, so it was an easy decision (just maybe a few years earlier than originally planned!)

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, then immediately fell pregnant again with our now 2 year old son. I suffered with endo pain for the first 3 months of pregnancy and then it completly disappeared! I breastfed my son until around 9 months and shortly after fell pregnant with our now 10 month old daughter. I had 3 pain free cycles inbetween!

I stopped breast feeding my daughter at around 7 months, and my cycles have since returned. I have had 1 painful cycle but things generally are good. The plan is to have our 3rd child fairly soon, and then if/when the pain returns I will be having a hysterectomy.

For me, I’ve now had nearly 3 years pregnant/breastfeeding and so very few cycles and it has definetly calmed the endo down, but as you can see from the previous comments, it’s not always the same for everyone!

Good luck with whatever you decide, and if you ever want a chat feel free to contact me ☺️ Xx

Hi there, not sure the advice is any use but i had endo realy bad 10 years ago to which i lost both fallopian tubes, i therefor had to do ivf to get my little boy the fight was unreal an so stressfull but i got there in the end, the endo that was left was removed by lazor treatment it was also sugested there was more endo thst couldnt be reached, after having my baby it seemed like the endo had gone, i was ok for mamy years, 10 years later im suffering again, the endo worse than ever and has now attached to my bowel, i believe this disease either comes back or just doesnt go away at all, i think it would be eise to try for a baby as soon as your ready before the disease takes your chances away, good luck.

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