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Bleeding after running

I am on the pill and have endometriosis and following a scan recently found I have a 3cm fibroid And small cyst.

This last month I have bled during my pill pack quite a lot sometimes gushes of fresh blood. I went to the doctor and we have changed my pill. She said if continues will refer to gynae but due to having scans doesn’t think anything sinister. What I have realised that I have started running again is that after I have run I then bleed for a couple of days. Has anyone else had this?

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I was bleeding in the middle of my pill pack last month. After speaking to some of the ladies at a support group, I came off the pill and had my full period. Going back on it, I've been fine ever since. Maybe go back to your GP though? Better safe than sorry x


I’ve recently had two pelvic scans 3 months apart so she is sure it’s nothing bad. I’ve gone back to my old pill as in the new one I’ve never made it to the end of the pack without starting to bleed. Thank you for advice x


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