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Help 😔

So... I’m in abit of a situation that I don’t know what to do. I was diagnosed with endo 4 years ago and had lesions taken out on first lap. Last year I had a very bad spell and was taken in for another lap last minute to which they found the endo was back, they took pictures etc and I discussed with the specialist a month after the lap on what to do next. He showed my pictures to another specialist and they agreed (I don’t know why this wasn’t done when I had the lap the 2nd time) to again take out the lesions and see how I progress. Wednesday I had my 3rd lap, the specialist came to see me after and said there’s no endo. I said well you had seen the pictures of it there the last time, there is an extensive report on it. But it’s gone. It can’t just go on it’s own.

What do I do? I really have gone back to square one now. I have all these questions that were never answered.

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Hi ashleighb93,

Hope you're recovering well after your surgery. I can totally understand why you're confused. Has your surgery been done by a BSGE specialist? Maybe its worth showing your surgery report to an endo specialist? Just a thought. You can find the nearest Accredited Endometriosis Center here: bsge.org.uk/centre/

I hope this helps, take care x



Hi Ugne

Thank you for responding. I had a look at the list and I had my lap at one of the centres and my surgeon was listed as one of the gynaecologists. Should I request to speak to the endo specialist still?

Thanks x


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