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Confused after first lap

Hello all! I'm new to this forum as I only got diagnosed with endo yesterday when I had my first lap. I didn't get a lot of information after the surgery and I have a lot of questions so I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who's been through the same thing!

The form I got after my surgery said they found an endo patch on POD and spots of endo on one of my ovaries, but they didn't tell me what grade it was. How do you find out? It does seem like it was fairly mild (the nurse said it was 'a little') but I don't really know. I'm 27 and I want to have kids one day but I don't know what this means for my fertility or managing pain in the future etc. I've not been told I'm having a post-op appointment so I'm not sure if I should seek an appointment with my GP to get some answers to these questions or if I should call the hospital?

I've been suspecting endo for a long time after suffering from heavy and painful periods for years, as well as other stomach pains (I was previously diagnosed with ibs too), so it's 'nice' to finally have some answers, but it's also raised a million new questions! I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone who's been through this journey! :)

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