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Hi there, I'm Steph, 41, and a scoliosis sufferer. I've tried many meds on the scale and Am currently on 200 pregab morning and night. And 30mg zomorph morning and night. I have finally found a level that combats my pain which is excellent. However, I get home of an evening and am completely useless. My eyes are like lead and I definitely can't hold a simple conversation! After I've slept I suddenly become alive again at about 9pm - and hour before my night time zomorph 30mg is due.

My question is I feel in that time like I'm overdosing and I'm a little scared of its potency. I think I'm looking for reassurance that this is normal for us pain sufferers.

Thanks so much in advance xx

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It's really hard to give advice as pain is so uniquely personal. It's hard to balance side effects and pain relief.

Are you being treated at a pain clinic? If not maybe getting a referral might be an idea.

I've been put on pregabalin, but also referred to a pain psychologist and to pain physio to hopefully treat the whole problem of loss of function.


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