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Is this a side affect of endo or something else?

Before I had the copper coil fitted November 2016 my periods were pretty regular.

With the coil they were usually a week late for the first few months but then every 2 to 3 weeks and pain was increasing.

I had it removed in June and tried tje depo injection in the hope it would stop my periods.

Unfortunately the injection gave me terrible headaches and dizziness constantly for the full 12 weeks I was on it. I never had a 2nd injection.

My periods seemed to go back to being a week late for a few months and pretty light.

For the last 6 weeks though I've been bleeding on and off every 7 days, so I'm now on my 3rd period in the last 6 weeks.

Surely the injection should be out of my system completely now.

Has anyone else ever had a similar issue?

I'm worried it may be something more serious as last year my cervical screening came back abnormal and the HPV virus also showed up.

I have to go for another follow up appointment in April, however a few weeks ago my doctor sent me a letter to book another cervical screening test. I've had to cancel and rebook it 3 times now due to my crazy bleeding. Apparently they usually wait 2 weeks after the end of a period before doing the test, but thats impossible at the moment for me.

I read that there's a difference between spotting and periods and that the main difference is the colour of the blood and heaviness. Mine seem to be rather heavy but alternate from brown to red throughout the day and the pain I get was medium the first time, crippling the 2nd time and not too bad this 3rd time.

Should I be worried about my symptoms or am I over reacting?

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