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Newly diagnosed - to lap or Not?

Hi All

I need a little advise from ppl who have been through this.

I have recently had an MRI which shows 2 cysts 1 on each ovary (aren't I lucky). I have been told this looks like endometriosis.

My next option is to either have hormone treatment (but this would effect pregnancy if I wanted it) or a lap.

I get painful periods but don't get much if any pain when not on.

Really don't know what to do? Leave it alone or go for the surgery?

Thoughts pls?

Thanks xx

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If you want to get pregnant then a lap sooner rather than later is your best option, no question.

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Is a lap likely to make my condition worse?


Not as far as I know. I know of several cases where people have got pregnant straight after a lap, me being one of them (though I miscarried because of a chromosome problem)


To clarify, these were people who wanted to get pregnant. Having read your message again, if you’re not ready for children yet then I’d be tempted to hold off and go for lap nearer the time when you’re wanting to try for a baby, if that makes sense.


Some of my thoughts:

1.A lap would officially diagnose it then at least you know it's endo not anything else. I guess that depends on if you want to know what's going on!

2.Symptoms can vary and slight symptoms doesn't mean very little endo, so knowing how much may be good to decide what to do next - treatment wise.

3.You can agree for the lap and removal of endo if they find any at the same time (you'll need to ask) that way it's recovery from one op.

4. You can just live with the slight inconvenience, and delay it all until you want to come off the hormone treatment - then worry about it at that time. However every time you have a breakthrough bleed / break in your pills it may have a chance to develop further.

Just some thoughts! Hope it helps.


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