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An endometriosis diet... where to start?

Hi all!

So I’ve had laser removal on my endometriosis (last September) but due to the location of some cells, not all of it could be removed. The surgeon has suggested to go onto the pill to try and surpress the problems (as I don’t want a hysterectomy) but I’ve always been reluctant to as I don’t like the idea of messing with my hormones.

Has anyone found any foods are good to have or to avoid? I’ve had a general read up about things online but I really don’t know where to start?!

Any advice welcome 🙏🏻 x

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Dairy and gluten may be good places to start. Both are inflammatory.



Although the specific reason is unclear a retrospective clinical research study lends weight to the view excluding gluten can be beneficial for Endo with 75% of people seeing reduced symptoms after 12 months.




Wheat also has an autoimmune condition connection possibly because it triggers the release of zonulin which can contribute to increased intestinal permeability.

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Thank you! I’m going to have a good read up on those links.

It’s all a massive learning curve isn’t it but yes I’ve already cut out dairy this week (mostly). I’ll have a look into gluten too.

Any other tips are welcome :)

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Hi Leanne. I've not long been diagnosed with endo and like you am looking toward changing my diet, though anecdotal evidence I've read says that a diet change doesn't begin to show a benefit for some months so I'm also on the combined pill to lessen the growth/spread of endo in the meantime.

A quick win for me was removing caffeine. I've always known that it has effects on my gut during my period (gas, bloating, cramps) but with endo the effect was multiplied. I've replaced my coffee and tea with peppermint tea and rooibos tea (naturally decaffeinated). Since doing this even the generalised pain I feel when not menstruating has lessened noticeably.

The list for removal goes on to - Gluten (and therefore wheat), dairy, processed & fast foods, refined sugars and soy products (they're estrogenic). Alcohol is also on the list unfortunately!

This list is pretty intimidating to me so I'm looking at the paleo diet (there are lots of resources/recipes online) which excludes all of these things anyway. The only thing to watch is the use of processed meats that can be sometimes used in paleo recipes (not strictly paleo or endo friendly) and to not rely on red meat (unless it's grass fed /organic - which is costly, so I revert to fish and poultry!)

Hope some of this helps!


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Thanks Krista, that’s very helpful!

That’s a good point about the pill for the meantime. I appreciate a diet will take time for showing results.

I need to be strong at changing my mindset - it’s so easy to grab coffee and cake when in pain and now we realise we’ve been making it worse!🙄

Good caffeine tip !

I’ll have a look into that diet. I never know whether to remove things gradually ie dairy... then gluten etc so that you know what’s having impact or whether to avoid all together assuming that removing all will definitely help but at risk of feeling like I have a boring diet- I love food lol

If any other tips spring to mind let me know :)


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