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Hello all,

I’m new here and I have a drs appointment scheduled for Monday, hoping to schedule some sort of diagnostic laparoscopy because my pain is getting worse. Recently it’s been worse after my period, with sharp shooting pain on the right side down my hip and throughout my leg. It’s particularly bad at night. I’ve definitely had confirmed ovarian cysts in the past but gyn said they were harmless and they’d go away on their own, and he also put me on BC pills which I have since stopped because they were making me crazy 🤪

I just wanted to share my experience and maybe see if anyone else out there is going through something similar. I’m also petrified of the Gyno bc I have so much pain even with the exams, and hearing stories is so helpful to me 😁

I haven’t been diagnosed with endo officially bc I haven’t gotten a lap yet but I’m 95% sure that’s whats going on, I’ve always had wonky heavy painful periods and I have all the classic symptoms and it’s getting worse for some reason.. along with some new fun GI symptoms!

I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences ❤️

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You can have little symptoms with the exception of horrific periods and then when it starts to come on more often and pain increasing, that’s usually the time when you’re due for a lap and excision and/or removal of cysts. Try see someone who knows more about endo than the average gyny. It’s shocking how little they know. Reduce your inflammation with a clean diet to help with pain and periods. X


I too have no diagnosis but do have ridiculously heavy periods etc. History of PCOS too. I’ve had appointment and scheduled scan for Tuesday to decide on ablation or hysterectomy. Have you had a scan yet?


Aww noo sounds awful. :(

When I went for my laparoscopy the specialist said because the pain I'm in and he's sure it's endo, I was happy for them to remove what they were comfortable with and discuss further removal of any left at a later date. We decided this way because the recovery time from a diagnostic lap can still be two to three weeks so doing the removal of endo at the same time as investigation means one less op later. I'm glad I did it that way.

I don't know why many specialists don't suggest this; it seems a bit odd to diagnose, leave you with endo while you recover enough to have another op to remove it all, surely both in one go makes sense!


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