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What to do next after a diagnosis?

Hello, I'm 23 years old and just over a week ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 Endo following a laparoscopy. I've been struggling with the symptoms for about 7 years and whilst it is a massive relief to finally have a diagnosis, I'm feeling left in the dark about where to go from here.

I have been given no follow up appointments or advice from the medical community of what to do now other than to keep taking the combined pill, which hasn't helped with my pain levels in any way.

My main concern is about fertility as I am unsure if I can have kids following the diagnosis. The surgeons said since its mild it shouldn't affect it (despite the copious amounts of studies to the contrary) but they didn't do any fertility tests during my surgery. No-one in my family suffers from disease so I can't ask them for advice but I was wondering if anyone here might have some.

I will try and get some fertility tests from my doctors to see if the Endo will affect this, but not sure how long to leave it as I probably need a few months to recover from the surgical treatment. However I don't want to leave it too late. If you had to do fertility tests after a diagnosis, how long did you have to wait?

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The good news is that the diagnosis is only mild Endometriosis , not severe and it's grest that your surgeon's professional opinion in your individual case and with your specfic endo locations is that your fertility is unlikely to be affected.

Do you know if he excised the Endo during the diagnostic lap or plans to in a future op? Have you requested your lap operation notes to understand where the Endo was located more specifically?

The typical NHS non surgical treatment path is to first try CP, then if unsuccessful the Mirena as it's stronger and locally applied and then possibly GnRh if appropriate for the individual.

These links may be worth a read around fertility.




Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty lucky that it is mild, but of course I want the safety of mind that everything is okay. They did treat what they could and they have already given me notes on the surgery. There was a reasonable amount on one of my ovaries, so just wanted to check that how long is good to check that everything works as it should do as although I'm sure it's fine, like I said before they didn't do any fertility tests and it could have affected that. Just wanted to know how long I should wait before doing that, as obviously there's healing time.

Thanks for the link, it's good to know what my options are. There are a lot of fertility issues anyways in my family so I'm sure you can understand it's good to.know what the next steps could be.


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