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New comer

Hey guys!

I'm New to this website and thought I'd just put a post! I got diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis September and I'm struggling a bit with pain tonight. Usually i can bear it but tonight has been worse than ever. Surgeon i had just told me to take paracetamol but that doesn't seem to touch it. I had a lap on the 9th September when they found endo behind my womb and I seem to have pain in my right ovary\back more than anything.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips and tricks to dealing with pain whilst not having much in the way of pain killers.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from some of you.


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Firstly I would suggest also taking ibuprofen - if you stagger it you can alternate every 2 hours, so that you’ve got a more contatant level of pain killer in your body. But If the pain is really bad I would suggest co-codamol (not as well as the other 2, just instead of) it’s a stronger pain killer but you can still get it over the counter at a pharmacy.

Also try heat pads for pain relief - you can get electric ones that you plug in, and it does help relieve the pain a little. But don’t keep it on constantly, have breaks, and don’t put directly onto your skin.

Other than that I’m afraid I haven’t yet found much in the way of other forms of pain relief, so if you discover anything else let me know!

I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, they’re awful, but I hope this helps x



Paracetamol in my opinion won't help it never helps me I have tried ibuprofen but doesn't help. Well doesn't help me you could try ibuprofen I also tried anadin extra but what I finding is when pain is bad no pain relief helping me. I'm planning to see my GP for advice.

But as you have only been taking paracetamol if you are able to take ibuprofen try those but if doesn't help you could see your GP he may advice some thing else stronger. Cause paracetamol won't be enough.

Maybe some other ladies on here can offer more advice as all this is fairly new to me as well.

I hope you feel better soon

Tracey xx


Hot water bottles help me through the pain - they are like my best friends haha!

I tried co-codamol but it didn’t work for me so they prescribed me stronger co-codamol and then prescribed me mefenamic acid. These are quite strong for me and they do help (as much as they can) but they do make me sick and dizzy which isn’t so great but it may help you also. Speak to your GP, they may give you different pain killers.

Hope everything goes well for you x


Hi, probably best to see your GP. In my experience the over the counter stuff isn’t strong enough.

As I understand it, we are all very different in how we respond to painkillers. Some find paracetamol has good effects, others get nothing from it. So a bit of experimentation is needed to find out what works for you.

Generally NSAIDS are recommended for endo as they are both an anti inflammatory plus painkiller. The over the counter one is ibuprofen (neurofen), but there are stronger ones on prescription. They work best if taken several days in a row, not just when you need them. However they can have side effects on the stomach, particularly with prolonged use. People’s tolerance varies, so you have to try and see how good you are with them.

Personally I can’t take NSAIDS at all, so I use codeine with paracetamol. I get a fairly high dose of codeine from my GP and take it on top of paracetamol when needed. I’ve found it better to have separate tablets so I can gradually take more as I judge it. The problem with codeine (and all other opiates) is that they are constipating. This can really add to the pain! I always take a laxative with mine, and try to limit it to just a few days.

All these things tend to have problems with use over time, so it’s good to have a few options and switch between them.

Hope that helps.


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