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Kidney and Urine problems

Hello you lovely people, hope everyone managed to have as pain free Christmas as possible.

Does anyone else suffer really badly with kidney/urine problems? I have constant pain and infections/blood in my urine. 3 years ago I did have kidney stones however under my urologist I have had a CT scan which is clear awaiting on a flexible cystoscopy to check my bladder.

Is this common with endo, I struggle so much with back pain(kidney) every day in the evenings it’s agony and it’s also becoming a hindrance the amount I have to pass urine during the day/night time as well.

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated currently doubled over in agony it really isn’t much fun 😔

Joely x

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Mines was identified with my kidney stones/issues. Well once I had passed the stones and had custoscopy urologist was satisfied it wasn’t anything related so my GP referred me to Gyne. I have blood in urine (not seen, but in tests) all the time, I get infections monthly, I take thrush constantly.

I had my laparoscopy over a week ago and I have endometriosis. I see my consultant again in few months and I will be asking, but it must be in my opinion. All your tubes are so close together.

Hope they get to the bottom of it for you x


I had an ultrasound scan in October which showed hydronephrosis in my right kidney. It had hurt to wee for ages beforehand.

I had a laparoscopy in November to remove endometriomas and my surgeon found some endo in my ureters which was causing it. My large ovarian cysts were also putting pressure on them causing the kidneys to back up.

Hope you get sorted soon. X


Unfortunately cant give you a magic cure but yes i suffer terribly with kidneys/bladder. Orange/cloudy urine, up 3/4 x a night, 20 million times during the day. Its a nightmare. If i need a pee i NEED A PEE. A few times ive been caught short and endes up in pain so bad ive rocked like a mad woman while dripping in sweat. Yet too pee myself but oh ive been tempted. Ive had endo removed from my bladder but its back. Xx


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