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BSGE Centre

I have my first appointment at a BSGE centre tomorrow and just wondered if anyone had been. Is it any difference from other gyne appointment. I had a lap 4 years ago to remove extensive endo, have had pain ever since. Its been such a struggle, GP's just dont seem to care, just want to pump you full of pain killers or hormones and ever time I ask for a referral I feel like im fighting all over again for a diagonise again, its just such a tiring thing all the time. I have been stringing all my hopes on this appointment.

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I had my first BSGE appointment in Sept. I was there for 40 mins, we talked about where I was at (what had happened before) even though he had full understanding from my GP notes, had internal checks done and we spoke about next steps, which for me was the Prostap injections. I got upset as I hate talking about it all because of how much it actually affects me, but the consultant understood and reassured me - for once in my life it felt like someone knew what I was going trough and wanted to help me. Good luck :)


My experience was that they wanted to do more investigations. So you may find that your first appointment is mostly them listening to your symptoms and then requesting tests. I had a transvaginal ultrasound on the spot and then went for an MRI a few weeks later. There was then another wait to go back and discuss the results.

I hope it goes well.


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