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Endo or something else?! :(

Hello ladies,

I hope you are all ok and your pains not troubling your xmas time.

I'm so confused and really don't know what to do. I've had a laparoscopy and they found mild endo in my womb. Nothing more. But i have been experiencing pain under my right rib and tightness in my diaphragm which makes it very difficult to breath and worse around my cycle.

A year ago i went to docs with pain in my left flank and blood was showing in my urine. And feeling of infection which many cases were infections.

There are no stones traced. Ive had ultra sounds lots of them, a ct scan, loads of blood tests and this lap. And yet still i get this feeling under my rib. Coughing in the night and morning. Occasionally bringi g up little blood. Sometimes being sick. Seems my body is rejecting choc now. The last few times i felt like i had infection they were clear. But still i have the symptoms after sex sometimes during and just before a cycle.

What the hell is going on?! My gynea consultant has decided to have a meeting with urology to have a talk as she is stumped. Gastroenterology have found nothing with endoscopy so they at loose end. All docs including my bf give me that blank i dont know look. And yet still i have to live with this!

Movement seems to aggravate it too. Vigorous movement such as hoovering sweeping etc. Oh well.... at least thats my get out excusee for labour now. Lol i actually left my job because i cant handle it anymore.

Anything seem familiar to you guys? Xxxx

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