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Abnormally long period? Help!

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I’m really worried about what’s happening with my period as I’ve never had this before.

I don’t have sex and am not on BC, but last month I did fool around with my boyfriend at the time. Again - no sex though. I got sick last week and went on antibiotics. My period came 4 days early and was normal in flow and everything, I finished the antibiotics and I thought my period finished after it lightened up on the usual 7th day. It is now day 11 and I have been having light bright red spotting and some mild menstral cramps. Is this something I should worry about? I couldn’t possibly be pregnant, but I’m really freaking out now because I don’t know what’s happening. I’m a hypochondriac and worry myself sick over the slightest irregularity in my health.

Can anyone calm my nerves and explain what’s happening? I can’t see the doctor again till my new job’s health insurance kicks in on the first of January.

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