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Date through for laparoscopy!

So after however many years of being in pain! (Lost count) I’ve finally been able to convince my gynaecologist to put me through for a laparoscopy- 22nd of January is the day!

Scared and nervous for the results! Not sure if I should be happy I have it or happy I don’t! The not knowing what is causing all this pain and then going through this to find nothing worries me - how did you cope with the surgery? How did you cope with your results?

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I’m so happy that you’ve finally got a date.

It’s always scary when it’s your first time around. (I’ve had 3 surgeries since August so I know how it goes..) I had some ups and downs when they found some with my lap in August. But I’m on a treatment that works for me now.

If they don’t find anything at least you may be able to rule it out and look for other possibilities.

I coped by talking about everything. A lot. On here, to friends, family. I found talking it out and seeing I’m not alone in it helped me the most. I’ve also mixed in some meditation along with that.

At first I was relieved they found something. Then I was a bit upset that it may affect me horribly for the rest of my life. But I’m still glad I have an answer and an action plan to help me.

I have a lot of posts on my page if you scroll down of my concerns up to and following surgery along with incision pictures. I have tons of helpful comments from people here and it made all the difference.

Feel free to ask me any questions xx good luck to you!


Thank you for replying! I’m so glad I’ve finally got a date too! Been a long time coming, I’m very nrrvous as to what they will find but it’s just another step in my journey to possibly getting an answer! My family, friends and boyfriend are very supportive and understanding which helps massively! I will have a look at your page and have a read through what you’ve weitten! Xx

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I feel exactly the same. Finally convinced my gynaecologist to consent me for a laparoscopy but then when I got my date through I panicked lol!

Originally I was sent 16th Jan - 7am admission, then the day after was sent a new date of 15th Jan - 12.30pm admission. In terms of childcare the afternoon admission is so much more tricky.

I have the same fear that they'll look inside and find nothing! Which I think I'll find harder than if they do find endo, as I'll have no reason for why I'm in pain so often? I just want someone to confirm I'm not crazy and explain why I feel the way I do - all the time.


Yeah. I feel exactly the same! I just want answers!


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