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1st Lap - date just through

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After finally being consented to have a laparoscopy 10 days ago, I just got my date through for the 16th Jan! 3.5 weeks away. Now I'm starting to panic.

I have 3 young children, a 30hr week job and I'm studying accountancy 3hrs a week! With an exam a few weeks after the procedure.

I've just had to sit and work out drop offs to school, pick ups......possibly working from home after the first few days.

Also due to go away for a short break with all my family to celebrate my mums 50th, two weeks after the procedure.

Saying this, I'm pleased I'll potentially get some answers soon. I just hope they find what's causing the pain.

They'll be removing my cyst during the op, do you reckon working from home and driving 5 mins to school each day with be doable a week after?

2 Replies

Congratulation on getting your lap 👏🏻👏🏻 honestly don't worry about its over so quickly you don't even realise!

I hope you get the answers your looking for as this is the frustrating part!! I personally think a week after should he ok but then it all really depends on you and your body and quickly it takes to heal! Everyone is completely different! You really just have to go with the flow x




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