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Has anybody NOT continued birth control after their laparoscopy?

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I have been "diagnosed" with suspected endometriosis, been on the depo for the past three months which has helped the pains to do with the endo but has given me other side effects i'm not happy with and I have since decided not to continue with the depo shot. (i've also done a LOT of research now and found it is overall just a terrible drug to be on for multiple reasons). I've found every birth control that i have tried have all given me bad side effects e.g. intense depression, extremely short temper (all the time), no sex drive AT ALL. My next step is getting surgery, however i really don't want to continue on birth control now that i've not gotten my second depo injection. Has anyone not continued birth control after their lap and have any stories? I'm scared that if i don't use BC after surgery it will just come back like a wild fire, but honestly...birth control is ruining my life more than the intense daily pain from endo is. :( Really don't know what to do.

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I haven't been on birth control for the last 5 years. Had my 2nd lap in sept when I had a lot removed. Feel so much better for it. Yes i was advised it begins to grow back 9-12months so we have been advised to try naturally for the next 6 months then move to ivf again before it does begin to grow back x


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